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i am alive

hey everybody i'm alive and being poked with a stick to make sure i'm still kicking. what a long 2 plus weeks it has been. first i was stuck in duson la yeah i had never heard or it either two days ago i made it to west huston. sprits are low. we lost everything even each other. i feel dazed and dont really have any grip on reality anymore. what do you do. i want my life back.
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I'm glad your alive, but sorry about everything else.
miss you

It's good to hear from you directly. (How strange that in today's world, we consider this direct communication...)

It has been quite a tumultuous two weeks for a great many people, but you've survived, and that's what counts. The rest will work itself out in time.

I miss you, and take good care of yourself.
Glad you're alive at least. In Gulf Shores headed for Tampa, just left Houston. Brien is there. But to get you back to normallcy...

So, when we go back wanna date me? :)